Patient Access to Care

Direct access

In the state of Virginia, you can see a Physical Therapist without a Physician's Referral. This regulation allows you to have immediate access to physical therapy and can be done for up to 30 days without a prescription from your medical provider. If improvement not complete within the 30-day timeline, we will send the report to your physician for additional referrals. The advantage of direct access is you can be seen for up to 30 days before the physician needs to provide a prescription for physical therapy. If you don not have a physician you are working with, we can help you to find locate one that suits your needs.


We accept new patients with physician's referrals or prescription for physical therapy.


We accept most insurance carriers including Medicare. If you are out of network, you may need to meet your out-of-network deductible before your insurance will pay a percentage of services to us. Please contact us for more information.
Cash Rate: We offer a competitive cash rate for those who do not have insurances or have maxed their benefits for the year.


What We Treat Our Techniques

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